Monday, December 10, 2007

Mitt Romney and Mormon Insanity

Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, recently gave a talk to clarify his religious faith. Being a practicing Mormon, it apparently became critical for his candidacies survival. His "Faith in America" speech turned out to be more satisfying to Mormon's than to others. Many complained that he didn't go deep enough into his own beliefs to satisfy the masses. The latest polls out of Iowa seem to confirm this feeling. Romney has slipped further behind Huckabee in a state he once dominated.

My son who is a law student at the University of Nebraska, sent me an editorial written by a poly sci student in Lincoln. I found it really fascinating that in this students mind, everyone else but him seem to believe things that are insane. He pointed out that Scientologists believe in a dark science fiction type character named Xenu who will one day come earth to destroy it. He then likened that to a Mormon belief that an angel named Moroni appeared to a boy named Joseph Smith and directed him to some gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. Because of belief's like these, he then purported that Mormons and Scientologists are insane. How can you vote for someone who believes in such insanity?

Now, I know I'm just a Basicguy, but I feel certain that if I were to pin this young student down on his own religious beliefs I'd find something that borders on the fantastic or even the insane. For example, he claims to believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. Does his belief include the Savior's miraculous birth? If so, couldn't anyone with a rational mind conclude that the virgin birth borders on the fantastic or insane? All humans, religious or atheist, can be accused of some insanity. The Jews believe that God wrote commandments on stone books with His finger; Muslim's believe that Mohammad was taken to heaven on a magic chariot; evolutionists believe that all living creatures descended from an ameba living in a miry primordeal swamp. Can't any of these appear fantastic or "insane" to others?

Clearly, I draw a line with Xenu, but what's wrong with an angel named Moroni? Is that so different from an angel named Gabriel or Raphael? Why this student choses to lump the spiritual drama claimed by Mormon's with Xenu and not the New Testament's Gabriel is beyond me. If I had to guess, I'd say he has something against Mormons. Which is unfortunately often the case when individuals choose to accent the excesses of any religion.

I feel bad for Romney. He seems like a sharp guy... unlike most of us basic guys. Anyone who has the smarts to saved companies that are billions of dollars in the red, could probably do a lot to save a nation nearing an economic collapse. Basically speaking, a Mormon can be an American too. Look at me, I'm an American and a Basicguy all rolled up into one. Gee, maybe I could run for president?


Paul West said...

Joel sent that article to me too. I told him to ignore the guy as he's just looking for someone to argue with. He reminds me of so many so-called ignostics I've dealt with in my life. However, since several Mormon people have evidently responded to him already, I then suggested Joel laugh at him and make the guy look like a fool.

BasicGuy said...

I personally would like to know what Joel DID do... whether he responded or, as you suggested, laughed at the guy. I guess I'll have to ask him and get the story straight from him.